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Case Study: Saving A Ford Dealership $24,000

We saved a client over $1.50 per click, running a series of ads on Facebook, totalling a $24,000 savings when comparing a past ad campaign they had run.

Ford dealership marketing case study for more leads and sales

The Problem: The clients advertising spend was exceeding their needs. This client wanted to drive more traffic to their website and online inventory to generate leads and sales.

The Solution: We created static Facebook ads that displayed their online used and new inventory.

Since we're targeting a small, rural area, we focused on vehicle types that sell best to their demographics. (Mainly Trucks and SUVs)

The Result: These ads got nearly 7,000 new website visitors in their area, to browse their online inventory.

At just $0.24 per click, these ads saved the client more than $1.50 per click when compared to a past campaign they had another agency run for them. This ad not only outperformed the past ad, but saved the dealership nearly $24,000.

It also reached over 32,000 nearby rural residents online.

car dealership marketing ad. Facebook carousel inventory ads
Ad sample - Carousel Inventory Ad with Lead Form

Ads: Most dealerships run a variety of ads (which they should), but some ad types perform better than others.

One of our go to is lead form ads that display your online inventory.

This allows your CRM to receive top/middle of the funnel leads. More lead volume for near future purchases.

You can read our blog here, on how to get more qualified leads at a lower cost using Facebook Lead Forms.

We've spoken to countless dealers with the same pain points. The hard work has been done for you, and it'll save your dealership time, money, and help you close more deals.

Our team compiled our decade of digital marketing experience, results and feedback into a done for you marketing service that will:

✅ Generate more leads, Increase conversions, and drive connection

✅ Improve your bottom line with our results

✅ Provide more value than you've EVER seen in the industry

It isn't just about spending more and getting more. It's about optimizing your effort and dollars to yield the best results possible.

We've been helping companies and dealerships surge through result based marketing for the past decade, and have learned the craft inside and out.

We provide you:

✅ Strategic, engaging content that actually drives results

✅ Optimized ads that capture your ideal customers

✅ Marketing funnel design and execution

✅ Custom fit solutions. No dealer is the same.

✅ More time and more money

But we aren't for everybody. We are for those who are goal-focused, customer-centric, and committed to serving more people in the auto industry.

We take on only ONE dealership per MONTH, providing a premium service that delivers a superior experience for you and your customers.

We're so confident in our abilities that we cover our costs for the first 30 days. Just pay ad spend. It's virtually risk-free for you, with a ton of upside for your operations and customers.

If this sounds like it would benefit you, contact us today and see if we're a good fit.


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