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How Stop 23 in Listowel, ON Crushed The Car Dealership Competition With Dealer Surge Marketing

In an industry with countless competitors that sell a similar or the same product, it can be difficult to truly dominate the local market and bring in new/repeat business.

Stop 23 in Listowel, ON took advantage of our 30-free trail, and seen the following kick ass results.

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Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON

Stop 23 Auto Sales has been a staple in the Southern Ontario car world for over 40 years. With dozens of local competitors, Stop 23 came to us to build out a marketing strategy that would capture new eyes and drive more web traffic/sales online.

Social Media

We started by overhauling their social media with high quality photography, copy writing, and personable content. We increased the content going out to 15 posts per month, and strategically staggered the type of content to maximize reach and engagement.

We limited the inventory posts (they weren't getting a lot of engagement) and leveraged team members, brand/culture, and community content to create more reach and online buzz.

Through this content, the dealership was able to receive dozens of raving reviews from past customers, and win over competitors followers.

They were the top local dealership on social media after the first 30-days, judged by the highest engagement out of all competitors, the most followers gained, the most reviews, and the most content.

We were able to increase their Facebook reach by 529% organically, and increased their Instagram by 5,366% organically. (See analytics below)

Paid Lead Generation Ads

Through their lead ads, they sold an additional 5 vehicles during the free trial, yielding them pure profit and new life-long customers. (First round of ads)

The ad strategy we used was to create eye catching inventory ads (3), but instead of driving web traffic - we captured the leads info when they filled out the form attached to the ad itself.

This yielded over 80 mid-funnel leads delivered to their CRM, for $1200 CAD in ad spend. This is including the leads name, email, phone number, trade information, the vehicle they're interested in, and when they're looking to buy.

The paid media reached over 275,000 accounts, and can be leveraged in future campaigns.

The ads that ran were SUV specific, truck specific, and a mixed inventory ad.

We targeted the ideal customer based on interests, age, and geographic location, as well as the type of vehicle on Facebook.

Next Steps

Our recommendations for future content moving forward:

- Tons of great engagement and reach (content is working)

- Use more people/team member photos to drive further engagement and sales team/service centre specific reviews

- Increase use of website links in post copy to drive more web traffic/leads

Our recommendations for paid ads moving forward:

- Edit lead filter settings (limit poor inputed fields) This will increase lead quality/minimize fake leads

- Add a 4th ad type

- Consider e-mail campaign to nurture all these leads. There's still opportunity with these.

car dealership general manager president marketing car sales
Scott Davidson, President of Stop 23 Auto Sales in Listowel, ON

"I highly recommend Dealer Surge. Brayden and his team delivered above and beyond.

I have been involved with internet marketing at our dealership for over 30 years, and they taught me a few things about engagement on social media."

- Scott Davidson

If your dealership isn't seeing the return you're hoping for, if you aren't experiencing the "white glove service" that you were promised, and if you want to increase your car sales, contact us today.


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